“They did the mash. They did the monster mash. It was a graveyard splash.”

Posted in Show Updates on October 30, 2009 by Andrew Bucket

Tomorrow night is the night you’ve all been waiting for!


There’s so much going on tomorrow night, so don’t miss it for the world.


VELODROME Italoween w/ Members of Ra Ra Rasputin, Loderunner, Vita Ruins + Exactly! (special set at midnight) & DJs Ed Dudes & Scott Bauer


 BEES KNEES w/ Stereofaith, Sara & Kim, Gold Man & Honestlee, Jennder, Patrick White, Andy O

COSTUMES ARE A MUST !!! w/ prizes for best, grossest, and lamest costumes

BONUS! zombie movies, bobbing for apples (in whiskey?), pumpkins.

A SPOOKY JAIL w/ guards armed with tequila filled supersoakers, EXACTLY police might arrest you

$2 city punch, $4 jameson shots, $2 bohs TIL MIDNIGHT

$4 to hang, $8 to bang, 9pm-3am, 21+

So get those costumes ready!

All the best,



“I just want to let you know that the back of your head is ridiculous.”

Posted in Show Updates on October 15, 2009 by Andrew Bucket

My dear friends,

This Friday should already be planned for you. And if you have a blank space on your calendar for Friday night, right in the word “Velvet,” baby. We proudly present to you Impossible Hair, Drunk Tigers, Choo Choo La Rouge, and Connect the Dots (La La La La), along with DJ Gavin Holland.

Here’s a quick taste of Impossible Hair. A pretty wiggin’ video [pun intended].

The show should be top notch. Hope you can make it out! Starts at 10, and doors at 9 as usual. Maybe even show up with one miiiighty fine hair do. “Own that ponytail. Work that up-do.” Mad TV anyone? (If anyone was wondering what this blog title was from).

Wishin’ you well,
Savannah Jade

A (Stella)r weekend ahead!

Posted in Show Updates on October 9, 2009 by Andrew Bucket

Greetings friends!

The Velvet Lounge blog is up and running now with full force! Keep checking the blog as well as the official Velvet Lounge site, www.velvetloungedc.com, for an updated schedule and artist information!

This weekend is one you must not miss! Stella Schindler is happening tomorrow night. She’s got an Amerericana Folk sound that will make you want to pull out those old country vinyls that you know you have stashed somewhere (mine are basically kept on my bedside). Take a look at this girl’s myspace for a peek into her album, Distant Hum.

–>  http://www.myspace.com/stellaschindler

Also tomorrow night coming from Alrington, VA will be The Wayfarers, who also carry that sweet acoustic gee-tar rhythm.

There will be some DJ sets to look forward to over the weekend by Lunch Money, Watermelon, and on Saturday–Kingpen Soundsystem.

I’m really excited for October, and I know you are too. Please don’t be a stranger to us. Important! Make sure to mark your calendars for Halloween night and get that crazy costume of yours ready-to-go! This is a huge party, guys. Keep it on your radar.

Yours truly,

Savannah Jade (PR intern at the Lounge)